Senator Johnson

SPRINGFIELD – State Senator Adriane Johnson championed a measure to address homelessness and unnecessary institutionalism with the passing of House Bill 2831.

“This measure helps us address the statewide issue of homelessness,” said Johnson (D-Buffalo Grove). “Homelessness has become far too common and has various causes. With the improvement of health and human services we aim to decrease the number of those affected.”

House Bill 2831 would create an office within the Illinois Department of Human Services tasked with preventing and ending homelessness. The group would create a strategic plan aimed to decrease homelessness and improve health and human services outcomes for people who experience homelessness, and strengthening the safety- nets that contribute to housing stability.

“Our friends and neighbors are too often stricken by homelessness,” said Johnson. “We are dedicated to uplifting those in need as we continue to combat the root cause of this epidemic.”

House Bill 2831 passed the Senate Thursday.