SPRINGFIELD –State Senator Adriane Johnson named March 6, 2024 as Rare Disease Day in Illinois.

“People with rare diseases often face two battles: the disease itself and the lack of understanding from people around them,” said Johnson (D-Buffalo Grove). “It is time we bring more awareness and education to rare diseases and how we can help and uplift those suffering.

Senate Resolution 726 declares March 6, 2024 as Rare Disease Day in order to raise awareness and highlight the need for research and funding to support the discovery and development of therapies designed to treat or potentially cure these rare diseases. Nearly 30 million Americans are affected by rare diseases, half of whom are children.

“We must not only bring more awareness to rare diseases, but continue to fight for increased research and funding to help tackle the issue head on,” said Johnson. “This Rare Disease Day, I encourage you to learn more about the struggles many of our neighbors face and how you can advocate for change.”

Senate Resolution 726 passed the Senate Wednesday.