WAUKEGAN – Recognizing the dire need for a new elementary school in North Chicago, State Senator Adriane Johnson advanced a measure to expedite the process.

“The school in question was built in the 1950s and rehab is no longer a cost effective nor responsible solution,” said Johnson (D – Buffalo Grove).  “Students deserve a more immediate solution to achieve a better academic environment.”

Senate Bill 464 would allow North Chicago District 187 to move forward with a new building on the most efficient timeline possible by bypassing public referendum requirements – saving the district critical resources and time. Since 25% of North Chicago District 187 sits on federal land, it has been awarded a number of federal grants.

The grant covers 80% of all eligible costs for construction of a new school on the same site. The remaining 20% of costs will come from a blend of state assistance, philanthropic dollars, and approved bond revenues.

The current school building does not have drinkable water due to high levels of lead in the pipes, in addition to needing asbestos installation repair.

“The health of students should never be at risk,” said Johnson “By allowing North Chicago District 187 to bypass referendums, we ensure that students are to return to a safe learning environment all the faster.”

Senate Bill 464 passed the Senate Wednesday.