SPRINGFIELD – To ensure students across the state are kept safe and treated with respect at school, State Senator Adriane Johnson is leading a measure to address corporal punishment against students in private and non-public schools.

“Corporal punishment should never be used in schools. It is not only harmful physically, but it also teaches children that violence is an acceptable way to solve problems,” said Johnson (D- Buffalo Grove). “Illinois students deserve equal protection under the law, no matter where they attend school.”

House Bill 4175 would prohibit the use of corporal and physical punishment in all schools in Illinois, except the use of certain restraints in specific circumstances to prevent a student from imminently harming themselves or others. Currently, physical punishment is only explicitly prohibited in public schools. Johnson’s measure would extend the prohibition to all private and non-public schools.

“National data has shown Black boys are twice as likely and Black girls are three times as likely to receive physical punishment at school as their white counterparts, and students with disabilities are also overrepresented,” said Johnson. “This treatment ultimately contributes to further trauma and developmental harm. We must protect our children and promote positive and respectful forms of discipline.”

House Bill 4175 passed the Senate Education Committee and now heads to the full Senate for further consideration.