SPRINGFIELD – To safeguard students statewide and ensure they are treated with respect in schools, State Senator Adriane Johnson championed an initiative tackling corporal punishment in private and non-public schools.

“Corporal punishment can cause significant psychological harm, including fear, anxiety, depression, and a negative self-image,” said Johnson (D- Buffalo Grove). “These impacts can affect a child’s mental health long-term.”

House Bill 4175 would prohibit the use of corporal and physical punishment in all schools in Illinois, except the use of certain restraints in specific circumstances to prevent a student from imminently harming themselves or others. Currently, physical punishment is only explicitly prohibited in public schools. Johnson’s measure would extend the prohibition to all non-public schools.

“Corporal punishment is an outdated practice,” said Johnson. “Illinois students K-12 deserve equal protection under the law no matter where they attend school.”

House Bill 4175 passed the Senate Wednesday.