SPRINGFIELD – In an effort to further protect residents from persistent and toxic pollutants, State Senator Adriane Johnson has advanced a measure to regulate the sale of certain fluorescent lamps.

“These types of fluorescent lamps contain mercury and pose a threat to not only the health of people but also the environment,” said Johnson (D- Buffalo Grove). “In order to effectively reduce mercury pollution, we must remove products that contain traces of it from our disposal sites.”

House Bill 2363 would ban selling newly manufactured screw-base, bayonet-base and pin-base compact fluorescent lamps and linear fluorescent lamps. Exemptions would apply for certain fluorescent lamps used for medical diagnostics, academic research, photocopying and printing, and in vehicle headlights.

“The proper disposal of products containing mercury is crucial to preventing environmental contamination and protecting human health,” said Johnson. “While there are recycling programs for hazardous waste, this solution may not be accessible to everyone, and safeguarding our environment is paramount.”

House Bill 2363 passed the Senate on Friday and heads to the governor’s desk for further consideration.