SPRINGFIELD – State Senator Adriane Johnson continues to fight to expand cancer research throughout the state through a measure she passed in the Senate.


“Cancer is a perilous disease that has affected too many of our loved ones,” said Johnson (D-Buffalo Grove). “Expanding research creates hope for better treatment and solutions in the near future.”

Johnson’s measure would expand research to answer specific questions about the safety of treatment, vaccines, therapy, medical devices and more. Senate Bill 1774 would also emphasize the importance of diversity among clinical trial participants in order to learn more about the safety and efficacy of potential medicine and treatments.

“The expansion of research through clinical trials will put the state on a path toward being able to help more cancer patients,” said Johnson. “By expanding this research, we are able to expand the opportunity for a better quality of life.”

Senate Bill 1774 passed the Senate on Wednesday and will head to the House for further consideration.

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ambulance lights

SPRINGFIELD – State Senator Adriane Johnson advanced a measure to expand training on lights and sirens for ambulance drivers going through red lights during emergencies.

“Today we are one step closer to implementing changes that will protect the future safety of residents.” Johnson said. “I look forward to working with first responders and people in our community to enhance training for ambulance drivers.”

Johnson’s measure would provide extended training for first responders as it pertains to sirens and lights on emergency responding vehicles. Further, it would require ambulances going through a red light or stop sign to use both the sound and light warnings.

Donald Stallworth III’s life was taken when his motorcycle collided with an ambulance that was transporting a patient last May of 2022. The incident took in Waukegan at the intersection of Lake Street and South Genesee Street, which Johnson represents. The ambulance lights were on but sirens were not used.

“This tragedy cannot be a reoccurrence,” said Johnson. “I hope this added training and requirement will prevent something like this from happening again.”

Senate Bill 1251 passed the Senate and moves to the House for further consideration.

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030923SC2370WAUKEGAN – The effects of PFAS – also known as “forever chemicals – are of high concern to the environment and people’s health, leading State Senator Adriane Johnson to champion a measure to mitigate its risk.

“These ‘forever chemicals’ are found in too many of our communities – causing both health and environmental issues,” said Johnson (D-Buffalo Grove). “We must implement changes and develop policies to combat the risk of exposure.”

Per and Polyfluoroalkyl Substances (PFAS) are a group of man-made harsh chemicals manufactured for oil and water resistant properties. Many Illinois manufacturers utilize the production of PFAS, resulting in the risk of contaminating water supplies throughout the state. Johnson’s measure would require the Illinois EPA to use the most up-to-date federal guidance to control the discharge of PFAS. 

“These man-made chemicals pose a threat to the natural resources that we utilize daily,” said Johnson. “This measure will create a better process to eliminate the risk of exposure and improve our water sources.”

Senate Bill 1696 passed the Environmental and Conservation Committee on Thursday and heads to the Senate floor for further deliberation.

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johnson grantWAUKEGAN – With strong support from State Senator Adriane Johnson, Waukegan will receive $1,056,772 from the Illinois Department of Commerce and Economic Opportunity to help with the transition to clean energy. Waukegan is one of over 50 communities impacted by mine and fossil fuel retirements and are therefore eligible to receive state funding under the Climate and Equitable Jobs Act to invest in green energy.

“While moving to clean energy is the right thing for the planet, people who have made a career working in fossil fuel plants or mines can be adversely affected if they have no external support,” said Johnson (D-Buffalo Grove). “This investment will ensure people whose jobs are transitioning to clean energy have resources and opportunities to find new, well-paying jobs so there is no negative impact on their livelihoods.”

The $40 million program was designed to meet the needs of individual localities by addressing the economic and social impacts of plant closures. The funding can be used on a variety of initiatives and investments, including workforce initiatives, housing support, business attraction efforts and more. Recipients were selected by responding to a Notice of Funding Opportunity with a letter of support from the municipality or county where the plant or mine was located.

Grant awards were calculated based on the economic impact of plant or mine closure, specifically, property tax losses and jobs lost due to the plant transition, with a minimum award of $50,000.

“As a member of the Energy and Conservation committee in the Senate, I am very passionate about moving toward clean energy in our state,” said Johnson. “This funding will allow this transition to be smoother while supporting hardworking Illinoisans moving into clean energy jobs.”

Visit the Energy Transition Community Grant Program website for more information.

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